If you own a business that uses a lot of information for registrations, surveys, customer orders, and anything similar, you should consider using an online database creator as this will make it a lot easier to keep everything accessible and organized. There are many different options out there, but below you can find six of what we consider to be the best free databases available at this moment in time.



This database software is so easy to use that you will be able to use it even if you do not have any programming experience at all. Furthermore, when you are using this software you can rest easy with the knowledge that all of your data is safe and that you can manage it however you like. There is also a great collaboration feature that gives all users the opportunity to discuss their ideas and share files. This one is free for the first month, but after that you will have to buy a subscription that is worth $25 a month. While you might be sitting there thinking that it is rather expensive, it is still a lot cheaper than if you were to hire someone to do it for you.


Are you able to use a spreadsheet? If you answered yes to this question, then you should find it pretty easy to use this program. It has a simple and clean design and gives you the option of using checkboxes, default values, tables, drop-down options, and many other fantastic form-building features. You can attach files to different database records, and you can even keep an eye on changes that any other users have made. This program is completely free, but if you want to do collaborative editing you will need a subscription.


This popular form creator also allows you collect registrations, payments, and other data as it comes in. It comes equipped with a unique database creator that gives you the opportunity to build customizable forms that you can embed on your site within a matter of minutes. It will notify you via email or text when any new data comes in and it will give you real-time reports. This program is completely free, but if you want to upgrade then you will have to pay anywhere between $14 and $183 per month, depending on the package that you would like.


Sodadb (Simple Online Database)

When it comes to managing an online database, Sodadb prides itself on the fact that it deals with just the bare essentials. You can use this program to edit 10,000 records, upload and attach files to records, and share your database with colleagues. Any data that is sent is protected as Sodadb uses some of the best security around. Once again, it is free to use, but once you have gone over the 10,000-record limit, you will have to pay to carry on using it.

Google Forms

This is a powerful database creator that does not get as much attention and credit as it really deserves. When you use this program, it will integrate with Google Drive, meaning that you can use Sheets, Docs, and Slides as well. This program has a myriad of customization options and is also very easy to use on mobile devices. It is free to use, and **you also have the option of collaborating with others. **

Microsoft SQL

This program was first released more than three decades ago, and it is still being used by huge companies such as Dell and Cerner. Over the years Microsoft has created a number of versions to ensure that it is perfect for small businesses or individuals as well. Of course, you will have to pay for some Microsoft SQL database software, but there is an Express edition that it free. This program has been scaled down somewhat, but it is still able to support an unlimited number of users and databases. It is a user-friendly program that allows its users to manage their data using CLI and GUI as well.

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